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Katie, a type 1 diabetic, was discovered in a state of decreased level of consciousness in the bathroom of the “Sugar Rush Shack” nightclub. When paramedics arrived, they observed that Katie had a blood pressure of 88/48 mm/Hg, along with deep and rapid breathing. Katie’s blood sugar level measured 23 mmol/L. Upon questioning Katie’s friends, it was revealed that Katie was currently dealing with a urinary tract infection but was determined to attend their best friend’s birthday celebration. Katie’s friends did notice that Katie had been drinking a lot of water earlier in the night, but they attributed it to the cocaine Katie had taken to boost their energy for the evening.

Once at the hospital, Katie was diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which resulted from a complete insulin deficiency.

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References: please use APA 7 500 words = The word limit DOES NOT include the reference list. The word limit for an assessment includes in text citations. Ensure that you use scholarly literature1 (digitized readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and textbooks) that has been published within the last ten [10] years (between 2013 – 2023 (inclusive).



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