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Case Scenario Analysis: you have been hired in the CAO’s newly created position (Chief Administrative Officer) for a regional medical center. The responsibilities have been broken away from the COO (Chief Operational Officer) to focus primarily on all business and revenue generation activities.
You are a member of the hospital’s executive management team (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operational Officer, Chief of the Clinical Staff (medical and nursing), Chief Information Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Chief Quality and Risk Management Officer, and legal counsel.
The hospital is a nonprofit. The services provided within the hospital include cardiac rehabilitation, emergency department, radiology, pediatrics, same-day surgery, a retail pharmacy, ophthalmology and optical, oncology, limited physical rehabilitation, and physical therapy, patient education, substance abuse, renal dialysis, and obstetrics. The Joint Commission accredits the hospital with recertification in 2 years.
TASK(S): In meeting with the CEO, she asks for specific guidance, in memorandum format, on how to move forward with more robust population health initiatives for the hospital. She wants them to be aligned with current specific identified regulatory and reform requirements and be evidence-based. They must also be aligned with decreasing costs, increased access, and those initiatives and outcomes that bring value to the hospital and the regional populations served.
Please research your local region for socioeconomic demographics to use as the foundation of your recommendations, such as data, age, insured vs. uninsured, race, ethnicity, etc. Include this in your memorandum as foundational data and information to base your recommendations back to the CEO.
While a memorandum can be in any professional format, it is expected that content is original, founded in best practices, and scopes of care with all external authors had APA citation to the sources in the body and on the last page with an APA reference list.



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