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case assessment

S&OP Cranfield Currency Company case assessment

Critique the CCC S&OP process against the pre-requisites for S&OP and explain the implications of the weaknesses for the S&OP process. Consider each of the following 5 pre-requisites as described in the lecture and defined by Ling and Goddard (1988):

Commitment and People (20%)

Defining Product Families (20%)

Planning Horizon Length (20%)

Time Fences (Demand and Supply) (20%)

Supporting Tools (20%)

Note: consider the CCC S&OP process as it is by period 3 but you can use examples from the other two periods. The first pre-requisite “Understanding S&OP” is not to be covered.

Word count including Appendices, but excluding title page and reference

list: 1000 maximum (+10% tolerance) so effectively 1,100 words maximum. Hand in date: 6th July 2021

© Cranfield University 2017 21

S&OP Cranfield Currency Company case assessment

Assignment Tips

Familiarise yourself with the Qualitative Assessment Criteria, which can be found under Assessment and Feedback on Blackboard

Ensure its an individual report

Structure the assignment using the questions as headings no overall introduction or conclusion is required

Use the percentage allocation for each question as an

indication of the appropriate word count per question

Demonstrate a clear understanding of the concepts

Provide valid arguments, supported by evidence from the case and the literature

Use appropriate referencing

No waffle or restatements of either theory or case material with

no clear purpose

© Cranfield University 2017 22


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