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The employee reward system is a motivational strategy used by organizations to encourage their employees to produce high-quality work. As per Perkins & Jones, “There are three basic reasons generally given for the importance of rewarding employees, namely, to secure, retain and motivate” (Perkins & Jones, Reward Management, 2020, p. 19). From previous statements, it is likely to say that rewards can be used to influence motivation.

In 1943 Maslow published Motivation and Personality book and he introduced his theory about how people get motivated when satisfying various personal needs in the context of their work (Mcleod, 2018). Also, both psychologists Kleinginna and Kleinginna (1981) argued that Human motivation can be broadly defined as stimuli acting on or within a person that cause the arousal, direction, and persistence of goal-directed, voluntary effort. That means, once the employee reward needs will be delivered, their motivation will be affected positively.



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