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In the past, when material life was difficult, people were mainly concerned with physiological needs such as eating, drinking, and resting. When life becomes fuller with more people with higher incomes, people do not only care about getting “enough”, but they also want to eat “better”, wear “better” clothing, and be “more” fashionable. Therefore, they are willing to spend more on both physical and spiritual needs.

Nowadays, people come to restaurants, diners, and cafes not only to eat and drink but also to relax, meet friends, and do business. Therefore, more and more customers want to eat and drink in luxurious and new places that are suitable with the trend, and worthy of their social status. Stemming from this demand of customers, many high-class restaurants and cafes have sprung up, especially in big cities. Each place finds its own unique and special features to attract customers.

As everyone knows, in this day and age, technology plays a very important role. The scientific and technological revolution not only gives people an easier life with modern means but also makes an important contribution to helping people have more high-end entertainment forms with the best quality. One of the modern entertainment facilities is 4D technology. With 4D technology, customers can watch movies with 3D screens and sensory effects such as water spray, snowfall, wind, and flavor effects these effects are the fourth dimension of the film). This technology will give customers a feeling of real, vivid, and interesting when watching movies.

The combination of 4D technology and high-class cafes gives customers a great sense of enjoyment, which is why we aim to create a high-tech coffee shop called 4D café. When coming to 4D café, you can both enjoy delicious, nutritious, and attractive drinks and be able to immerse yourself in the exciting feeling with each unique film, feel every sensation.



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