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Question 1

(a) Criticise the impact of sustainability – along the environmental, economic, social, and governance pillars – on the short-term and long-term prospects of the industry you have selected. Your answer should include an overview of the industry, and you should evaluate external sustainability-related developments, trends, and issues that are relevant to the industry.

(b) Appraise the sustainability-related risks and opportunities for the industry.

Question 2

Your team has been engaged as strategy and transformation consultants to one of the established companies in the industry you have selected. Your task is to develop a sustainability strategy that addresses the material issues, risks, and opportunities that your team has identified. Assume that you have been working on the assignment for the past two months. Now you have to write an analysis for your client that contains the following:

(a) Formulate the reasons why the company should invest in sustainability, and appraise the company’s current state of sustainability policy and practices.

(b) Propose an appropriate “to be” state in terms of sustainability achievements and outcome indicators. Formulate key strategies for the company to reach this “to be” state and defend why these strategies would be effective.

Question 3

Your client is very pleased with the sustainability analysis that your group has prepared for them. They have extended your engagement to develop a broad-based and enduring sustainability-centric culture. The client stresses that they would like to measure the effectiveness of this initiative. Now your task is to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the following deliverables:

(a) Evaluate suitable and contextualized methods to measure the state of sustainability awareness and maturity in the company.

(b) Formulate an annual calendar of relevant training and activities with specified outcomes, and evaluate how this will help the company to develop the desired sustainability-centric culture. Evaluate potential challenges and solutions in which to encourage staff to take part in the training and activities.

Question 4
A year after your group has provided the client with the culture-building plan, they contact you that they have implemented the various initiatives and are preparing a sustainability report for their stakeholders. They would like some advice on best reporting practices to follow and negative practices to avoid.

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