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BU Medical Language in Healthcare Paper

Student is asked to interview a healthcare professional to discuss the use of medical language on the job. This activity is designed to provide you with the opportunity to speak to a healthcare professional to learn more about his or her job duties while integrating the topics related to medical language throughout the semester. Successful completion of this assignment requires students to locate an individual who has been working as a healthcare professional for a minimum of six months. Students will compose interview questions and conduct informal interviews with a professional who works in the healthcare field they would like to be employed.

Spend 15-20 minutes with a healthcare professional. The interview can be conducted by person, by phone, or by internet.

To prepare for the interview I have identified several questions you can ask such as:

What is the purpose of medical language?

How do you use medical language on the job?

How does using medical language support your professional role?

Can you share examples of word parts, terms, and abbreviations you use daily?

How do you use electronic health records in your work?How and/or why is medical language used in patient records?How has the impact of electronic medical records impacted the use of medical language on the job?What do you do when you encounter a term you do not know?The interview report should include:Title page: Student Name (First and Last), Student Panther ID Number and Title of the Assignment.Introduction: Begin with the first name of the person that you interviewed and a description of the person (e.g., title, place of employment, length in the job, etc.). Provide a brief explanation as to why you chose this person to interview. Perhaps you work with this person, or he/she holds a job that is similar to what you hope to have in the future. The introduction should set the stage for the discussion, providing as much information as necessary to help the reader understand the context of the interview.Discussion: This is the body of the paper, and should include as much detail as necessary to provide the following information:

A description of the person’s day-to-day job duties: Provide information taken from the interview to describe the person’s job in detail. Include a discussion of opportunities and challenges posed by the person’s job duties, social and work culture, and other work-related factors. Do not simply copy and paste the interview. This portion of the paper should include numerous quotes and personal reflections.

Include the interview questions and responses to the interview questions.

Conclusion: A summary of the interview with a reflection on what was most significant or surprising. What did you take away from this assignment? What was most remarkable or noteworthy? What did you learn about the individual that you interviewed? What did you learn about yourself? How might these lessons be useful to you in your professional or personal life moving forward?



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