BSBHRM613 – Contribute to the Development of learning Assignment

Assignment Task

Project Overview

This project assessment requires you to contribute to developing a learning and development strategy for at least one work area, evaluate effectiveness of that strategy when implemented, and recommend improvements.

This assessment is divided into ten tasks:

Task 2.1: Evaluate Existing Learning and Development MethodsTask 2.2: Analyse Impact of Learning and DevelopmentTask 2.3: Determine Quality Management Policies and Processes for Learning and Development StrategyTask 2.4.: Update Learning and Development Strategic PlanTask 2.5: Develop Processes for Learning and Development Strategy FormationTask 2.6: Design Learning and Development Strategy for Identified Work AreaTask 2.7: Establish Processes and Procedures to Implement Learning and Development StrategyTask 2.8: Implement Learning and Development StrategyTask 2.9: Evaluate Organisational Learning Strategy and Construct Improvement PlansTask 2.10: Present and Implement Improvement Plans for Organisational Learning Strategy

This project requires you to complete the assessment tasks in a real workplace, or in an environment with conditions similar to that of a workplace.

Each task comes with a set of instructions. You are to follow and perform these instructions while being observed by the assessor and/or submit any required documentation as evidence of task completion.

Before starting this assessment, your assessor will discuss with you these tasks, including instructions, resources, and guidance for satisfactorily completing them. 

You are required to:

Complete the tasks within the time allowed, as scheduled in-class roll.Evaluate existing methods of learning and development and analyse impact on the organisation.Plan for development of learning and development strategy for at least work area in your organisation/workplace.Determine quality management policies and processes, and organisational requirements for learning and development strategy.Develop processes to liaise with key stakeholders during design, implementation and review of learning and development strategy.Design learning and development strategy for identified work area.Modify learning resources and assessment tools as per the strategy.Establish processes and procedures to implement learning and development strategy.Implement learning and development strategy.Present improvement plans for organisational learning strategy to key stakeholders.Evaluate organisational learning strategy and construct improvement plans.