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Project: Proposed Construction of Condominium in Tanjong Katong Area


This is a condominium located in the heart of Tanjong Katong. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the details of the location. The development comprises of 4 blocks of 20 story and 1 block of multi-story carpark and can house 640 exquisite residential units of 1 to 4 bedrooms.

Figure 1: Location Plan (Land Parcel)


Figure 3: Artist Impression of the Development

You have been tasked to carry out research study and prepare a report. The write up should address the following questions:
Question 1
(a) Identify, state and describe FIVE (5) information, parameters and activities that needs to be included in the site analysis in order to optimize the design and construction approach.

(b) Identify, state and describe the geological condition at this area, propose a soil investigation plan to obtain necessary soil parameters. You are to include the type of soil tests to be performed.

(c) Identify, describe and discuss the potential loading types which will need to be considered in the design of this type of structure.

(d) Identify the structural system, structural elements and construction material that are required in this type of building and describe the functions of each of these elements and the reason for the choice. Diagram/ photo can be used to aid the illustration.

(e) Identify FIVE (5) technical department/authority which is required for building plan approval and describe their roles in the approval.

(f) Describe and discuss based on the latest construction trend TWO (2) new technology which can be adopted in this development.

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Report Presentation
(a) Cover page & Content page

(b) Graphic & Illustration with proper label & caption (appropriate usage, titles, sources)

(c) Organisation of the write up (sub-headings, font size, spacing, paragraphing, page number etc)

(d) Grammar usage, spelling and sentence structure

(e) Referencing (in-text citation and list of references)

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