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BIO 2102 CU Female and Male Reproductive Systems Discussion

M5 Bio2102C01

The female and male reproductive systems develop in utero from the same primordial mass of tissue. Yet, genetic factors cause these same cells to differentiate and form two different, and homologous systems. In this discussion, we will discuss the parallel s between these two systems, in addition to exploring genetics and the patterns of inheritance.


Prepare a written post of at least 300 words discussing the following bullet points:

A. Distinguish between analogous and homologous structures in the male and female reproductive systems.

B. Describe the anatomical location, structure, and function of the major organs in the reproductive system.

C. Discuss how somatic mutations are inherited differently from sex-linked mutations.

D. Explain how genetically modifying germ cells results in a different morphological outcome than editing somatic cells



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