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Ashford University Brain Research Essay

Principles of A&P I (Biol 2113)

Albany Technical College

Week 7 Activity


Please place your first and last name, the due date, and the activity number in the upper right-hand corner of every assignment (-5 if missing). If information is added that is not listed, a penalty of 3 points will be deducted from the overall grade. Follow directions and provide only what is mentioned on this document. This assignment should be completed in Time New Roman font and a size of 12 font (-10 if missing). There shouldn’t be any excessive spacing beyond double spacing, if there is excessive spacing beyond double spacing, a 2-point penalty will be applied for each spacing that occurs in the document. Also, make sure to reference your work with being specific as to where you retrieved your information. If you don’t have a reference, you will receive a 10-point penalty added to the overall assignment grade. Please see your projected learning schedule for the assigned due date and time.

Directions: Complete both assignments below on one document. Do not submit both assignments on separate documents. Upload both assignments below on one document. If the submission of more than one document occurs for both assignments, you will receive a 10-point penalty applied to the overall grade. Review your work before submission to avoid penalties.

Chapter 8: Joints: (5 points each for a total of 50 points)

This activity should prepare for the exam for this week. Utilize your time wisely and utilize your resources to promote understanding. Also, you can utilize the bone study guide to also assist you in understanding joints in the previous weeks. Even though there is not discussion, still make sure you are reviewing all of your materials and reading your textbook. The requirements for your assignment is below.

The Requirements:

The assignment should be at least 300 words. If your assignment does not contain 300 words, you will receive (-20) points deducted from the overall assignment. Please make sure that you discuss how joints are classified and why they are important in Human Anatomy and Physiology. Please use the following Time New Roman Font size 12. If you do not follow the template for the assignment, you will receive -10 points deducted. Penalties will be applied for formatting and sentence issues in your assignment. Review to avoid penalties.

Chapter 9: Muscular System (50 points)

For the muscle’s assignment this week, you will write a summary regarding how a muscle contract. You are to utilize your textbook and provide a detail explanation of the steps that are involved in a muscle contraction. Your assignment must follow the class template above in the directions. The assignment must have a total of at least 300 words regarding explaining the steps of a muscle contraction. Your textbook is an excellent source for this assignment. The assignment must be submitted in a Microsoft Word Document



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