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Applied Fluid Mechanics

MET330 20xx0xE Applied Fluid Mechanics

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Part 2 (50 points)

Closed book, Closed notes, closed Moodle

Problem 1

Water at 10°C flows at the rate of 900 L/min from the reservoir and through the pipe shown in Fig. 8.16. Compute the pressure at point B, considering the energy loss due to friction, but neglecting other losses.

Problem 2

For the 2 x 3 – 10 centrifugal pump performance curve shown, at what head will the pump having an 8-in impeller operate at its highest efficiency? List the pump’s capacity, power required, efficiency, and the required NPSH at that head.

Problem 3

Determine the NPSH available when a pump draws gasoline at 40°C (sg = 0.65) from an underground tank whose level is 2.7 m below the pump inlet. The energy losses in the suction line total 1.18 m and the atmospheric pressure is 99.2 kPa absolute. (The vapor pressure at this temperature is hvp = 14 m).

Problem 4

A rectangular channel has a bottom width of 2.75 m. Compute the hydraulic radius when the fluid depth is 0.50 m.

Problem 5

Calculate the force exerted on a stationary curved vane that deflects a 1-in-diameter stream of water through a 90o angle. The volume flow rate is 150 gal/min. (the density of water is ρ = 1.94 slugs/ft3 or 1.94 lbˑs2/ft4. Also, 1 ft3/s = 449 gal/min)


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