Annotated Bibliography: Promoting Resilience in At-Risk Elementary School Students

Annotated bibliographies are useful steps toward completing literature reviews. This assignment helps you to begin reading and reviewing the literature for your research proposal. Creating an annotated bibliography helps you sort your literature. Annotating your research articles saves you time because it allows you to outline all the important information about a research article so that you do not have to read the same article multiple times. This will be important as you progress toward completing your literature review.
The following are some links and useful tools to help you complete your annotated bibliography. Please review the first link first because it describes the difference between critical and descriptive annotated bibliographies. You want to be sure to do critical annotations for your assignment.
For this assignment, you will:
Write a paragraph that introduces your area of interest (See below)–this can be formulated from your proposal pitch problem statement that you have already done in a previous post.
Individually, annotate four research articles related to your topic of interest. You can use the bullet point example in the attached instructions below or in a chart format, as shown below, as well.
Write a paragraph summarizing the differences/similarities, gaps, and next steps identified across the four articles.
This assignment is designed to help you get into the literature for your topic and problem area.
MY TOPIC: Promoting Resilience in At-Risk Students: Explore factors that contribute to resilience in at-risk elementary school students and the role of social workers in fostering resilience through supportive interventions and school-based programs.
Annotated Bibliography Directions-1.docxDownload Annotated Bibliography Directions-1.docx
Bibliography Template-3.docx Download Bibliography Template-3.docx 
Suggested Template:
RESOURCES to an external site. (Critical vs. Descriptive Annotated Bibliography) to an external site.

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