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Since 2008, Airbnb has been facilitating a transformative travel experience, enabling guests and hosts to explore expanded possibilities and discover a more personalized way of experiencing the world. The dataset “Airbnb_TMA.xlsx” provides valuable insights into the listing activity and metrics of Airbnb accommodations in New York City for the year 2019.
Each entry in the dataset represents detailed information about a specific listing, encompassing essential attributes such as the listing ID, geographical locations, prices, and other relevant data. Additionally, the “Sheet2” within the file serves as a data dictionary.

Identify a single business question that can be addressed through an analysis of the dataset “Airbnb_TMA.xlsx”. Provide a clear description of the pertinent data fields and how these fields can be utilized to address the business question.
Generate a summary of the dataset “Airbnb_TMA.xlsx” in tabular format. You should include the classification of each data field as nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio. Examine individual variables within the dataset and compute relevant summary measures when applicable. (Up to 200 words for part (b))
Apply data preparation steps to address the data issues and errors in “Airbnb_TMA.xlsx” with explanations and justifications for necessary data transformations. Illustrate the data preparation with relevant example screenshot(s). (Up to 200 words for part (c))
Employ two (2) graphical charts and one (1) pivot table from “Airbnb_TMA.xlsx” to present the key features of the data variables or to analyze the relationship among the variables. Please provide a screenshot of each produced chart and pivot table. In your explanation, describe the process of creating the charts and the pivot table and discuss why these visualizations are recommended.

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