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An Introduction to Environmental Issues in Health and Safety

You work for a company a small food company in the Munster area manufacturing cheese. Recently the company has applied for planning permission for a massive expansion to meet new contract requirements. This expansion will require the company to apply for an EPA license as the milk entering the facility will increase above the threshold. The company has applied for planning permission and the increase in milk is expected to be greater than 200 tonnes per day intake. Furthermore, the company will not be installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or boilers.

To meet the assignment criteria the questions must be answered in the order given and clearly indicated. The manuscript is to have a cover page with the assignment title, word count, student name, and student number. Use Page numbers in the format of x or y. The bibliography should be separate, not included in the word count, and use the Harvard method for referencing.

Describe the various steps involved in the application process and give an estimation of the potential timeline.

In your calculations assume that the license preparation will take 2 months and add to the estimated time.
What are the main potential delays during the application this process?
What other process could prevent the EPA from issuing a License to the company?


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