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Although the beginning of your career at Bullseye has been fulfilling, you’ve also seen some opportunities for advancement elsewhere that have peaked your interest. One opportunity at a brand new start-up software company, called AdaptED Tech, looking for an HR Generalist was too interesting to pass up and you couldn’t resist sending your resume and a cover letter to see if you could get an interview. To your surprise you got an immediate phone interview and then a longer video-teleconference interview and your notes from these interviews are attached Notes from Interviews with AdaptED Tech.docx

Now AdaptED Tech has invited you to their offices as a finalist for the HR Generalist position and asked you to prepare to address some of the critical issues they are facing as they prepare to grow their business. In particular, AdaptED plans to adopt an HRIS system and the first concern they have is whether the system will facilitate EEO & OFCCP Compliance reporting and the advancement of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) goals central to the organization’s culture and strategic objectives. They asked that you prepare a memo that is no longer than 2 pages in length and address the questions they have about how you propose to manage EEO/OFCCP compliance and the advancement of DEI goals:

Recommend how AdaptED should collect employee demographic data and use it with an HRIS for EEO reporting. Please be specific with regard to a) data collection methods (paper survey, online survey, HRIS); b) demographic categories (i.e., which one’s?); voluntary participation (i.e., how do we get data if someone refuses?); c) data analysis and reporting (routine reporting processes).
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) reporting may be important for AdaptED if it is successful in landing government contracts. If AdaptED receives federal contracts and increases its number of employees to meet new demand (as anticipated), an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) would need to be reported for OFCCP compliance. What would be your vision of an AAP for OFCCP compliance?
Beyond the data collected for EEO reporting and OFCCP compliance, what data should AdaptED track with its HRIS and what metrics should it track for its strategic DEI goals? Why are the DEI metrics you recommend strategically important for AdaptED?
You sent emails out to your professional network asking for advice and received a link to an article from one colleague ( ) and an SHRM handout from another colleague (see attached article shouldemployerscollectdemodataonappsandemployees.aspx.pdf ).

Submit your memo to the Week 4 Career Simulation Discussion Forum



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