“AI-Powered Content Creation: Enhancing Startup Engagement and Productivity”

Project Overview
In this project, students will take on the role of content creators for a startup and develop a focused content creation plan that leverages AI-generated content. The objective is to explore how AI can enhance content production and distribution, allowing startups to engage with their audience effectively.
Project Components:
Step 1: Provide a brief introduction to the startup, including its mission and target audience. Explain the startup’s products or services in a concise  manner.
Step 2: Choose the type of content you will focus on (blog posts, social media posts, or video scripts)
Step 3: Generate a minimum of 12 creative and engaging titles relevant to the chosen content type. Titles should pique the interest of the target  audience and align with the startup’s offerings.
Step 4: Select a minimum of 3 titles from the generated list. Utilize the Prompt Engineering Best Practices to develop the content for each title using AI-generated content. Each title should be a minimum of 500 words. Present the AI-generated content alongside the prompts used to produce it.
Step 5: Prepare a 5-minute, 5-slide presentation to showcase the journey of content creation.
Assessment Criteria
Students will be assessed based on their ability to select a suitable content type, generate engaging titles, effectively use AI-generated content following Prompt Engineering Best Practices, align the content with the startup’s brand, and present their journey coherently.
This project aims to give students a practical understanding of how AI-generated content can be integrated into content creation strategies fostering engagement and increasing their productivity.

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