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Assignment Instructions

Assignment 3 consists of four questions, worth 25 marks each. Your responses should be approximately 250–300 words for each question (1000–1250 words total).

Assignment Resources: The course learning resources are the only resources required for referring to theories and concepts in your answers. When referring to the textbook, use your own words (paraphrase), and cite your source via in-text citations. Include a References list at the end of your assignment document. If you use any other resources in the assignment, include these in your reference list and cite in the text as required. Use APA Style (7th ed.) for citations and references.

Format: To prepare your assignment document, copy the questions into a Word document and insert your responses directly below each question. Format your answer document with one-inch margins and use 12-point Times Roman font. Please single space all questions and answers.

Writing: Use clear, direct, structurally sound paragraphs and sentences in your responses. A well-structured paragraph contains an introductory (topic) sentence, supporting details in a few well-written sentences, and a closing sentence. Use a new paragraph whenever you introduce a new topic. Do not include diagrams, figures, bullets, or lists in your responses. Do not include appendices.


1.       After making the move to working virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, your diverse team does not seem to be functioning as well as it did when you were all in the office. You believe that this is related to failures in communication. How will you improve communication within your team?

2.       Read Global Connections 11.2: Open Office, Hidden Conflict in your textbook (Chapter 11). You lead a team that works in a similar open office. Recently, two staff members each came to you with complaints about the other. One worker feels their co-worker is too noisy, while the other states that her co-worker does not respect her privacy and listens to all her phone calls. What will you do to resolve this workplace conflict?

3.       Your textbook suggests that extraversion is predictive of leadership success (see Chapters 1 and 12). Do you agree? Why or why not? Can you give an example of an introverted leader who has been successful? What might an introverted person contribute to the leadership role?

4.       You recognize that you prefer to work at an organization that has an adaptive culture. You are currently looking for a new job. How will you determine if the companies you interview with have an adaptive culture?



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