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You must look at arguments that tend to support the proposition and arguments which tend to refute it and reach a conclusion. Please note that since this is coursework and not a time-limited exam, you will be marked more strictly than in the in-class test. In particular, referencing now needs to be done more rigorously.

1. Advertising is changing fundamentally from the age of mass media: as it becomes more interactive and more personal it ceases to be advertising and becomes either personal selling or public relations.

2. “Building long term relationships with customers is essential for any sustainable business, and this applies equally to online elements of a business” (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012)

Please, take note of the following:

• Showing knowledge and understanding of the issues is insufficient to pass.
• Analysis of relevant issues and application of theory is required.
• For the best marks you should synthesize different concepts and evaluate theories and practice in the light of these synthesized ideas.

A typical approach to this task is as follows:

1. Introduction: A brief introduction to your answer or its objectives and how the answer is structured. Interpreting the question – Your introduction should indicate the content of your answer. This ideally should be clear along with background/context.

2. Addressing the question: The main body of your answer to the question. (This part may have a few sections / sub-sections). The key criteria here include:

a. Research – evidence of systematic research approach, depth, and breadth of research undertaken; application of some conceptual (theoretical/empirical) framework(s), etc.

b. Analysis – well focused on answering the question, depth and clarity of argument, organizing/summarizing collected information; answering the questions/tasks fully with originality and autonomy. Demonstrating independence of thought and intellectual rigor and consistency.



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