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Advanced Database Design and Development

ICT713: Database project – group assessment

Prepared By: Dr. Divya Leekha

ICT713 Advanced Database Design and Development
Assessment 3: Database project- group assessment
Group 6 assessment details
Purpose: This assessment allows students to analyse design, implement, and manage a
database according to a project scenario specification. This assessment contributes to
learning outcomes a and b.
Value: 35% (Group 25%; Individual contribution 10%)
Due date: Report due on Week 8 Sunday midnight and demonstration in Week 9 tutorial.
Submission: Submit the completed written report and weekly log on moodle.
Task details:
RelocateProjects Company is planning to design a data model to hold information relating to
their projects, employees working on company projects and their customers.
RelocateProjects IT Manager provided following business rules to the software developer.
Complete the data-level design for the database that satisfies the following constraints and
user view requirements. In order to complete this data–level design you are required to
answer the following questions: (a) – (e).
The requirements the database must meet are as follows:
User view 1 requirement: Each employee has a unique ID number. Their first name,
last name, date of birth, address, contactNo, user name and
password must be recorded.
User view 2 requirement: Each customer has a unique Cust_number and their first
name, last name, address, PNum, project tile and Payment
must be recorded.
User view 3 requirement: Every project has a project number (PNum) that uniquely
identifies the project. The project title, StartDate,
managerEmpNum, managerID, managerContactNo must
also be recorded.

User view 4 requirement:
An employee can work on only one project. A project can
have one or more employees associated with it.

User view 5 requirement: Each department has a unique ID number and name.

ICT713: Database project – group assessment

Prepared By: Dr. Divya Leekha

A Department can have many employees. An employee can
only work in one department. A department controls
number of projects

User view 6 requirement:
One project may belong to several departments. One
customer can submit only one project at one time.

Write down any assumptions you make, if they are not explicitly described here.
a) Identify the business rules based on the description of operations given in the question.
Properly written business rules are used to define entities, attributes, relationships or
b) Identify the entities given in the operation description.
c) Identify the attributes and the primary keys that adequately describe the entities.
Construct them as a collection of
Tables using Microsoft Access. You are required to
indicate primary keys.
d) Develop the structure of your database visually by drawing an entity-relationship (E-R)
diagram and EERD for this enterprise.
e) Normalise the tables that may have duplicate records in your database design.
f) Create
Forms in Microsoft Access to populate data in the tables. You need to feed in 5
records in each of the tables.
g) Write any 6 sample
Queries using Microsoft Access, out of which 4 of them needs to be
based on join.
h) Create
Reports using Microsoft Access based on the queries.


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