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15% of overall module mark • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation in Spanish on a S

15% of overall module mark • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation in Spanish on a Spanish University of your choice. (If you are going to Spain on ERASMUS next year, you should focus on your chosen college). o Universidad de Valencia o Universidad Complutense de Madrid o Universidad Carlos III de Madrid • The following points / topics should be included: o La ciudad (la situación geográfica, las atracciones turísticas) o Los estudios, las asignaturas(obligatorias/optativas) o Las instalaciones universitarias o La vida universitaria: los deportes, actividades varias o El alojamiento o Los transportes o El dinero (becas, ahorros, padres) • Remember to include a brief introduction (stating for example why you chose this particular university) and conclusion (explaining how you feel about going on Erasmus; if you are not going, then you may explain why) • Your presentation should include images and graphs as appropriate. Note: Your slides should include bullet points / very short sentences. You will be penalised if you write too much on your slides and if you read everything from your slides; you should be able to explain your slides in your own Spanish. Plagiarism: Please ensure that the language used is your own words. Quotations from books and articles must be acknowledged (correct referencing in the text and a reference list at the end of the project). Any student found plagiarising will get 0% for this assignment.


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