1. Write a one-page description of what you think is appropriate dress and appro

1. Write a one-page description of what you think is appropriate dress and appropriate behaviors for a job interview with a conservative Fortune 100 firm.
2. According to experts in the job-placement field, the average job seeker relies too heavily on the resume and not enough on other elements. Explain some of the other elements candidates should consider when interviewing for jobs.
3. Life is filled with hard knocks. Arguably what defines a person is how they rebound from hard knocks. Businesses are many times interested in how job applicants have handled personal or business failure in their past. If an interviewer asked you about a time where life brought you to your knees and how you successfully handled the event, how would you respond? Your response should include what was the failure? How did this failure help you to become a better person, make better decisions, or succeed in a way you hadn’t imagined? Do you believe that failure is important? Why or why not?
4. According to a variety of sources, your attitude is the #1 factor in getting or losing a job. Why do you think attitude is rated highest? How does an employer get a sense of one’s “attitude” during an interview? How would you define a positive attitude? A negative attitude? Developing a positive attitude starts from learning to believe in one’s self. In order to believe in ourselves, we must first understand our personal strengths. List and discuss your personal strengths and how they may be beneficial to would be employers