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1. Topic – Which area of Psychology seems to fit your interest / career the most

1. Topic – Which area of Psychology seems to fit your interest / career the most? (one paragraph).
2.Each of the different schools of psychology, also called perspectives, or philosophies are specialized from different people’s ideas from the past. But Time Changes..
Should we keep the old perspectives (Psychodynamic, Behavioral and Humanistic) when the modern approaches are so much more scientific and applicable?Please use examples in your answer. (one paragraph)
Find a research article that is connected to the chapter
Please log into the LRC
Links to an external site.
You can log into the library and use the resources without having to buy access.
Search for a topic that is interesting – use simple key terms and find a PEER REVIEWED – Journal Article and post the Abstract and the citation in the discussion.
Here is an example
I searched “Parasocial Instagram”
Johnson, Erika K., et al. “I’ll Have What She’s Having: Parasocial Communication Via Social Media Influences on Risk Behavior.” The Journal of Social Media in Society, vol. 9, no. 2, Dec. 2020, pp. 319+. Gale Academic OneFile, Accessed 1 Jan. 2023.
Frequently people we interact with on social media
Links to an external site. influence decisions we make in daily life. This study explored the connection between parasocial interaction and imitative buying intentions in blog media space. Using a 2 (Stance: Anti, Pro) X 4 (Risk Behavior: Drinking, E-Cigarette, Product, Control) X 2 (Order) mixed factorial design experiment (N= 63), we focused on the influence of parasocial interaction (PSI) with a blogger on intent to buy products used in a blog post among young women. The research found that those with higher PSI reported greater purchase intention for alcohol than those with lower PSI toward the blogger in the study. These results suggest PSI in social media spaces like blogging can be used to covertly encourage healthy behaviors. (one paragraph)


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